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Manglik Dosha Solution in Aashram

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What is Manglik Dosha
Mangal Dosha has turn into a common problem most of the people facing manglik dosha problem. The planet Mars is known as Mangal or Kuja in the ancient Sanskrit language. An astrological circumstance when the planet Mars exists in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a man's horoscope graph is normally called as Mangal Dosha. The individuals who have this Dosha are known as Manglik. If you are manglik or facing the problem of manglik dosh then AK Tantrik Baba Ji, Manglik Dosh Solution Astrologer removes your problem by Manglik Dosh Nivaran Pooja in Aashram.

manglik dosh solution There are an aggregate of twelve houses in a man's astrological graph. The arrangement of the planet of Mars in any of the already said six houses causes Mangal Dosha. This Dosha is similarly recognized by the name of Kuja Dosha or Angarakha Dosha, Bhom Dosha.

Effects of Mangal dosha

At the point when Mars is situated in the first house:
The first house represents the house of life partner. Thus it generally influences the married life prompting pointless conflicts. It may likewise prompt physical assault and violence. Because of such unsuitable behavior such a man may suffer the ill effects of pressure, distress, division or even divorce.

When Mars is arranged in the second house:
A man's family life is influenced. It likewise makes hindrances in the married life and the Professional life.

When Mars is situated in the 4th house:
This will have unfriendly impacts at the professional front. Such a man will switch jobs and also won't be effective professionally. Financial inconvenience will continue lurking.

When Mars is situated in the 7th house:
Such a man has excessively of vitality and will be ill-tempered resulting in not being able to maintain cordial relationship with family members. Likewise this individual will be extremely dominating and dictating over his or her partner and s/he may likewise have many partners.

At the point when Mars is in the eighth house:
Such a man will be lazy and won't have the capacity to keep up an rapport with his or her senior citizens and hence will lose fatherly property.

At the point when Mars is arranged in the 12th house:
Manglik people will have enemies. S/he will likewise experience the ill effects of mental issues and monetary misfortunes.

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    I and my husband had been married for as long as 5 years and then all of a sudden, everyday there use to be lot of battles among us. At first they were little arguments, yet it developed into enormous fights. So, on my Mother-in laws proposal we went to AK tantrik babaji. He disclosed to me that it will be resolve if I won't be responsible for everything and let him likewise take a few decision. He arrived at this conclusion after he contemplated my Kundli and matched it with the stars. This basic solution began showing its sign inside 2 months time. Presently we are exceptionally cheerful together

    - Manisha ( Mumbai )

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    I was an arts student and was doing great in my studies however I had a ton of confusion and questions about my profession. So my parents had taken me to AK tantrik babaji, after going through an advertisement & cross checking with few people. My kundli and palm was analyzed by him. So after a point by point consider and the association with my parents, he advised me to apply for government jobs. I sat for UPSC exam and cleared with high marks, all on account of AK Tantrik Ji

    - Harish kumar ( Delhi )

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    I appreciate the experience of counseling with astrologers to get a hint of how the future and coming months will be. I have attempted the AK tantrik babaji few time for astrology consulting and his expectations appears to working alright for me. Pleasant experience with him till now.

    - Dipanjan ( kolkata )

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